Human resources and pay

Experience and vast knowledge of our HR/pay team allow us to streamline actions in this scope and relieving entrepreneurs of the complicated calculations. Transferring the HR and pay issues onto our specialists makes it unnecessary for the entrepreneurs to maintain specialized departments in the scope of human resources and pay.
The HR and Pay Department prepares necessary personnel documentation, develops sets of documents for the Social Insurance Company (ZUS), and, in conformity with the confidentiality rules and applicable regulations, calculates salaries with due diligence. They also give advice in the scope of labour and social insurance law.


  • Keeping personal files, developing documentation related to establishing and terminating employment relationship. Controlling the terms of employment contracts.
  • Servicing the employment of people as part of the civil-law agreement.
  • Managing issues related to holiday leaves, among others, settling the holiday leave entitlement, keeping records of the holiday leaves.
  • Monitoring the validity date of medical tests and Health and Work Safety trainings.
  • Entering/updating data for ZUS purposes.
  • Registering employees / employers for ZUS purposes.
  • Developing the obligatory reporting (among others, for the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund – PFRON)
  • Providing help during the inspection of the National Labour Inspectorate and ZUS. Providing the officials with necessary documentation and carrying out the follow-up issues.


  • Developing payrolls on the basis of pay systems as part of the employment contracts.
  • Developing payrolls for civil-law agreements.
  • Carrying out bank transfers – transferring salaries to employees’ bank accounts.
  • Issuing work certificates and salary certificates.
  • Calculating the Social Insurance premiums and advance personal income tax payment.
  • Developing and sending to ZUS a monthly settlements by names.
  • Developing annual information on income (PIT-11).
  • Developing information for ZUS (ZUS IWA).
  • Developing the annual tax calculation (PIT-4R, 8AR).
  • Providing help during the inspection of the National Labour Inspectorate and ZUS, as well as completing the follow-up issues.
  • Preparing reports for the Board.
  • Carrying out bank transfers – transferring salaries to employees’ bank accounts.


The team of specialists ensures comprehensive service in the scope of delegating employees
Delegating employees abroad is subject to special legal regulations and
requires fulfilling many duties in Poland and also the country the employees are delegated to.
The issues of delegating might be for many entrepreneurs problematic, not only because of the fact that
extensive documentation is needed but also due to ever-changing provisions
regulating these actions. Our specialists make an effort to meet the needs of the customers and
within this scope they provide legal and tax advice for entrepreneurs who plan
sending their employees abroad or they have been already delegated. They pay attention to duties, risk areas,
or they consult new regulations.
In order to make it easier to develop documentation and complete all formalities related to
delegating employees, we have prepared a comprehensive service which comprises:

  • Preparing complete documentation for people providing transfrontier services,
  • Controlling the employees departure periods,
  • Preparing settlements for the purpose of ZUS,
  • Providing legal and tax advice for entrepreneurs who delegate
  •  employees abroad or who plan such kind of services,
  • Preparing documentation for the purposes of the National Labour Inspectorate