The following is the basic range of services provided by the bookkeeping service:

  • Decreation and recording of accounting documents in the books in accordance with the applicable accounting policy
  • Formal and accounting control of the posted documents
  • Preparation and sending of JPK
  • Keeping records of quantity and value of warehouse operations or integration with the Customer’s system
  • Informing about inventory obligations, preparing confirmations of balances for the Client
  • Controlling receivables and liabilities
  • Ongoing monitoring of the economic situation of the company
  • Providing advice on the correctness of economic and financial operations in terms of the applicable law
  • Representing clients on the basis of granted powers of attorney at the tax office
  • Handling tax and fiscal inspections (including preparation of necessary documentation)
  • Preparation of financial reports for the Management Board
  • Preparation of chart of accounts and accounting policy
  • Preparation of obligatory financial reports required by the Accounting Act
  • Debt collection