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Posting of workers

Our specialised team dealing with settlement of workers posted abroad will provide comprehensive service in this matter. Posting of workers outside Poland is subject to special legal regulations and requires carrying out many formalities in the country where a given worker is posted and also in Poland. In order to facilitate completion of all formalities regarding posting of workers, we prepared a comprehensive service in the area of posting, like e.g.:

Provision of legal and tax advice for entrepreneurs who post workers abroad or plan to perform such activities,

Preparation of complete documentation which is indispensable for the companies providing cross-border services,

Control of posting periods,

Preparation of settlements for ZUS,

Compilation of documents for an inspection of the National Labour Inspectorate,

Legal support

In consultation with the accounting department and HR and payroll department our legal department provides our customers with solutions which are tailored to their needs and their specific business environment.

The sense of safety when making crucial decisions is invaluable in the world of constantly changing legal and tax provisions and unstable geopolitical situation.

Our extensive experience together with the best knowledge ensure that, thanks to our legal consultancy, entrepreneurs gain tools which make it easier for them to face their business challenges.

The expertise of our Legal and Accounting Office Maciej Skorupiński Sp. z o. o. covers the following areas of law:

commercial companies,

real properties,

labour law,


Our services include for example:

Sale of companies

Legal and organisational transformations

Trade agreements

Rules and regulations (work, remuneration, online shops, brick and mortar stores)

Debt collection and legal disputes

Tax disputes and administrative enquiries

Liquidation of companies

Chief inspector of personal data protection

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EU Funds

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The offer of our Legal and Accounting Office Maciej Skorupiński Sp. z o. o. is directed both to Polish and international entities. Keeping of records by our specialists, performed in compliance with applicable law, allows the owners to focus entirely on managing their companies. Clearly defined principles of cooperation and circulation of documents between the office and a given company prevent many errors. The possibility to integrate financial and accounting systems of our customers and optimise costs of accountancy services. We aid the starting-up entrepreneurs in choosing a specific form of enterprise, and we support the already existing companies in obtaining European Union funds.

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in provision of services to entities from various industries.

Legal and Accounting Office Maciej Skorupiński Sp. z o.o. offers services regarding:
Current bookkeeping,

Preparation of tax return and income statements,

Preparation of financial statements,

Drawing up or updating accounting policies,

Reporting (e.g. Intrastat, GUS [The Polish Central Statistical Office])

Preparation of financial reports for the Management Board,

Current accounting consultancy,

Current monitoring of company’s financial situation,

Preparation of a business plan and economic and financial analyses,

Preparation of the budget,

Informing on changes in legal and tax provisions concerning the client’s industry, including advice on compliance of economic and financial operations with the applicable law.


Support when starting-up a new business,

Obtaining European Union funds,

Indication of possible forms of tax optimisation,

Consultancy on the choice of technology solutions which would improve effectiveness of managing financial information,

Conducting the process of company liquidation

HR and Payroll

The gained experience and extensive expertise of our HR and payroll team allow us to improve efficiency of activities in this area and relieve entrepreneurs of complex settlements. Outsourcing HR and payroll matters to our specialists enables the entrepreneurs to run their business without the necessity to maintain specialised HR and payroll departments.
The HR and payroll department prepares the required legal documents, sets of documents for ZUS [Social Insurance Institution], and calculates remuneration in accordance with confidentiality rules and applicable laws. The department also provides advice on labour law and social insurance. It also deals with issues regarding employment of foreigners.

Keeping personal files, preparing documentation regarding conclusion and termination of employment contracts,

Services concerning employment under civil-law contracts,

Handling cases related to leaves, including determining leave entitlement, running records of holiday leaves,

Monitoring terms of periodic medical examination and H&S training,

Input/update of data for ZUS,

Compilation of statutory reports (e.g. PFRON [National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund]),

Support during inspections from the National Labour Inspectorate and ZUS and dealing with post-inspection matters.

Registration of employees / employers for the Social Insurance Institution – ZUS,

Compilation of payrolls on the basis of pay systems under the employment contracts,

Compilation of payrolls under civil-law contracts,

Execution of bank transfers – sending remunerations to employees’ personal bank accounts,

Calculation of social security contributions and advance personal income tax payments,

Compilation and submission of monthly social insurance statements to ZUS,

Compilation of annual personal income tax statements (PIT-11),

Compilation of information for ZUS (ZUS IWA [accident information for ZUS]),

Compilation of annual tax calculation (PIT-4R, 8AR),

Support during inspections from the National Labour Inspectorate and ZUS and dealing with post-inspection matters,
Drafting of reports for the Management Board.
Erstellung der jährlichen Steuerberechnung (Vordruck PIT-4R, 8AR)

Unterstützung bei Kontrollen der Staatlichen Arbeitsinspektion und der Sozialversicherungsanstalt (ZUS) sowie Erfüllung der nach der Kontrolle anfallenden Pflichten.

Erstellung von Berichten für die Geschäftsleitung (Vorstand)